AGECalibratoR-1.0 is a tool that estimates molecular weights of detergent-resistant protein aggregates from their mobility in semi-denaturing detergent agarose gel electrophoresis (SDD-AGE).

The SDD-AGE is a routine method for a comparison of protein aggregate sizes. Currently this approach is widely used for amyloid investigations, but only as a qualitative approach. AGECalibratoR-1.0 tool is able to estimate the amyloid aggregates size quantitatively based on SDD-AGE results.

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Polina B. Drozdova, Yury A. Barbitoff, Mikhail V. Belousov, Rostislav K. Skitchenko, Tatyana M. Rogoza, Jeremy Y. Leclercq, Andrey V. Kajava, Andrew G. Matveenko, Galina A. Zhouravleva & Stanislav A. Bondarev (2020) Estimation of amyloid aggregate sizes with semi-denaturing detergent agarose gel electrophoresis and its limitations, Prion, 14:1, 118-128 DOI:10.1080/19336896.2020.1751574