Tally-2.0 - Documentation

Tally-2.0 is a scoring tool based on a machine learning approach, which allows to validate the results of tandem repeat detection in protein sequences.

1. Input format

1.1 MSA only

Insert MSA of repeats from one tandem repeat region like below :

Example :



Insert MSA of repeats from one tandem repeat region in FASTA format.

Example :


1.3 Fastally

Fastally format allows user to analyse several MSAs at one run.
In this format, headers started with # symbol separate MSAs of different tandem repeat regions.

Example :


2. Score

Tally-2.0 score is obtained with machine learning approach. At a threshold of 0.45, established based on the maximization of F-score, Tally-2.0 performs at a level of 93% sensitivity, while achieving a high specificity of 83% and an Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve of 95%.
Validated MSAs have Tally-2.0 scores ≥ 0.45.

Psim is a score relying on the Hamming distance between the repeats and their consensus sequence.
Validated MSAs have Psim ≥ 0.7. [Psim documentation]

Validated MSAs have p-value-phylo scores ≤ 0.001. [Schaper et al.,2012]

See : Entropy score definition

See : Parsimony score definition

3. Example

3.1 Input

3.2 Output