T-REKS is an algorithm for de novo detection and alignment of repeats in sequences based on K-means algorithm. Minimal length of repeat arrays is 9 for true homorepeats and 14 for other repeats with potential biological meaning.

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Citing T-REKS:
T-reks: identification of tandem repeats in sequences with a k-means based algorithm. Jorda J, Kajava AV(2009). Bioinformatics 25 (20), 2632-2638

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Max length : ~100.000 AminoAcids. If you need to analyse multi FASTA file, we suggest to download the program.

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Psim is a coefficient relying on the Hamming distance between the repeats and their consensus sequence. Psim ranges from 0.7 to 1, considering that for lower values the number of false positive TRs significantly increases.