Cross-Beta DB

Cross-Beta DB, a database for naturally occuring, cross-beta forming amyloids

Use Cross-Beta DB

The Cross-Beta DB is a database focused on gathering naturally occurring-cross-beta-forming amyloids into one place. All data present in it have shown experimental proof of cross-beta structure formation following the later criteria. The main purpose of the database is to provide data for training and benchmarking of new amyloid prediction models. But it also includes data about experimental conditions and other information for general usage. All entries of the database are downloadable individually or by group.

Please, cite:
Valentin Gonay, Michael P. Dunne, Javier Caceres-Delpiano, & Andrey V. Kajava. (2024). Developing machine-learning-based amyloid predictors with Cross-Beta DB. bioRxiv, 2024.02.12.579644.