Tally 2.0

Tally-2.0 is a scoring tool based on a machine learning approach, which allows to validate the results of tandem repeat detection in protein sequences. As an input, Tally-2.0 uses tandem repeat region presented as a MSA of the repeats. An output lists Tally-2.0 and several other scores (Psim, entropy, p-value-phylo and parsimony) allowing the users to validate the quality of the examined tandem repeats.

For more details see:
Tally-2.0: upgraded validator of tandem repeat detection in protein sequences V. Perovic, J. Leclercq, N. Sumonja, F. Richard, N. Veljkovic and A. V. Kajava (submitted).

For details on our previous version see:
Tally: a scoring tool for boundary determination between repetitive and non-repetitive protein sequences
F. D. Richard, R. Alves and A. V. Kajava - Bioinformatics 2016, 1–7 doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btw118


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